• A Ready-Made Revolution

    You have 10,000 taste buds and they only have a short lifespan - that shouldn’t be wasted on bland, tasteless food. Our chef-prepared gourmet meals will change the way you feel about the ready-made section. We’ve sliced, diced, seared, flambéed and sous-vide so all you have to do is heat, serve and enjoy. So pick up a fork and explore the flavours, textures and aromas of a ready-made revolution!

  • Oven Fresh

    Our relentless pursuit of perfection blossoms in a hot oven. Trust us, the wait is worth it.


    A crafted selection right out of our chef’s hat, these meals are sure to impress the discerning gourmet traveller.

    Your Senses

    Transform the humble microwave into a five-star gourmet kitchen. Simply unwrap, heat & enjoy.

  • Banish The Bland!

    Any successful revolution starts with a common enemy. Ours is uninspired take-home meals that are thrown together with haste and eaten with remorse. With a war cry of “Viva la flavor!” our ready-made revolution has only just begun.
    Armed with a tantalising selection of pizzas, quiches, lasagnes, pies and cakes - plus our pièce de résistance of slow-cooked proteins - ours is a revolution you can get behind any time of the week.


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